Senate Committee Passes Bill To Increase Internships At Local Businesses

The Senate Ways and Means Committee passed the Senate Bill 801 on Feb. 22. The bill aims to establish a new tax credit that could incentivize local businesses to provide more internship opportunities to high school students.

With the increase in internship opportunities, it will prepare the Hawaii workforce for diverse careers and support programs that will ease the challenges in the workforce.

“This bill is mutually beneficial for students and employers alike. Boosting opportunities in students’ fields of study will create thousands of new positions that some students might not be able to find otherwise,” said Sherry Menor-McNamara, President and CEO of the Chamber of Commerce Hawaii.

“Simultaneously, it provides small businesses with smart, driven people who are ready and willing to work. The Chamber of Commerce Hawaii firmly believes that this tax credit is an investment in our future.”

SB801 is hoping to establish the internship income tax credit for employers and qualified interns beginning taxable year December 31, 2023. Moreover in order to quality, the internships must fulfill the requirements set by the Department of Education and the University of Hawaii work-based learning programs.

“SB801 will enable more students to access quality work-based learning opportunities, such as internships in skilled fields including healthcare, IT, and air travel,” said David Sun-Miyashiro, Executive Director of HawaiiKidsCAN, a local non-profit that champions an education system that supports the community.

“These experiences give students the chance to learn on-the-job and gain experience that will make them stand out high-paying for job opportunities in the future and help employers across Hawaii recruit and grow their own workforce by providing mentorship and training for their next generation of workers.”

The bill will how go to the House Chamber for additional committee hearings. To follow updates on the bill, visit

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