AARP Hawaii Offers Free Financial Workshop

From inflation, changing demographics and the future of Social Security and Medicare, learn how to save and invest for your future goals including retirement at this free Finance Your Future conference by AARP Hawaii on April 8 at the Japanese Cultural Center of Hawaii starting 8:30am.

The opening session and workshops will cover trends that could affect your retirement and savings plan. Moreover, participants can also choose to attend the following workshops that cover budgeting, managing credit and debt, understanding Social Security, Medicare basics, investing, estate planning, home buying and more.

“Did you know that the fastest growing age group in the United States are those 80 and older and the second fastest is people 100 and older,” said Jackie Boland, Outreach Director for AARP Hawaii.

“Will you have enough money to last until you’re 100? If you’re saving over a long period of time — for retirement, for your children’s college or even for a house, there are economic and other trends to consider.”

The conference is aimed at people 50 and older but younger people are encouraged to participate as well.

The workshops cover a variety of topics that anyone, regardless of their age, life and investing experiences, can learn something new. The conference is designed to give information to help participants make their own financial decisions.

To attend the conference, pre-registration is required at

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