On Mother’s Day and Motherhood

by Carlota Ader

My relationship with my mom is amazing. She is like my best friend and my life coach. I see my mom everyday, either in person, or on face time. For my family, we celebrate Mother’s Day every day. Every day is as special in showing our appreciation for our mom. One memorable Mother’s Day is when my brothers and I gifted my mom a picture frame with our individual pictures. That gift was simple but very meaningful. My mom is a beautiful soul. She has a smile that lights up any room, her laughter is contagious, and she has a positive attitude. Her cooking is the best. She’s also my hairstylist. My mother has shaped me to become a strong and independent woman. She is a single mom with five children and took on the role of both a mother and father figure. Her presence has influenced all my life choices. I am forever grateful for the strength she has instilled in me.

We celebrate Mother’s Day starting out by visiting the church and thank God for another Mother’s Day. Following that, we celebrate the occasion by eating out and shopping. A memorable Mother’s Day occasion happened when we were in the Philippines. Not everybody celebrates Mother’s Day there, so I invited my aunties and my grandmother. We had a feast like a fiesta celebration. Everyone was thankful. As for memorable gifts I received, one was a “kimona,” a blouse made of pina cloth which I wear during Filipino festivals; another was a special bag given to me by my husband and children. From the time I gave birth to my only daughter, Princess Maryjoe Cadiz, I’ve never stopped teaching her to be a nice person, believing in our God Almighty, dealing with people in a respectful, kind and polite manner. My daughter is 7 years old. I hope she will be independent, finish school and get a degree. As she grows up, I want to share with her every blessing I have.

Mother’s Day for us is spending quality time together as a family at home. We order take-out food, or my daughter or son-in-law cooks a delicious meal. The most memorable Mother’s Day for me was when we celebrated at a cemetery, where my late mother and sister were buried. We had a nice set up with a tent, tables, chairs, and food. It was wonderful because it felt like they were there celebrating with us. As for memorable gifts I received, my precious grandsons Kainoa and Kaalaheo, made me cards with lovely pictures they drew and wrote special messages. Another was a personalized tote bag from my one and only daughter. The bag had my grandsons’ pictures on it. I use it wherever I go. As for motherhood, I believe it means making sacrifices for your children, protecting them and giving them all the love in the world. It means doing all that you can for them, so they don’t struggle in life [as much as possible].

PERSEVERANDA TAMAYO, Reigning Queen Grandma Hawaii International Retired
On Mother’s Day we go to church to give thanks to our Lord for all His blessings and for the children to listen to the sermon, the word of God. After the Mass, we go to Zippy’s restaurant to have a family breakfast. The most memorable Mother’s Day was when one early morning, all my children woke me up and greeted me “Happy Mother’s Day.” They hugged me and told me: “You are the best mother in the world.” As for gifts, I received a ukulele. They know I love to play and listen to music. Another gift was to a sporting game. They said we were going to a party but took me to a game to watch basketball. My son was also playing that game. Being a mother comes with tons of responsibilities like nurturing your children, being their first teacher at home. I’ve taught my children to be always respectful, humble, patient, understanding, loving, forgiving and obedient – and most of all to look up to our Lord. I guide my children so they can reach their goals.

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