Why Do We Commemorate World War II Veterans?

by Carlota Ader

In February, four bronze sculptures honoring the tens and thousands of Filipino World War II veterans are unveiled outside Waipahu Public Library. To commemorate this event, Hawaii Filipino Chronicle asked the community a Chronicle Pulse question: Why do we commemorate World War II veterans?

Brandy Ader
We honor the veterans who have sacrificed their lives for our country and for the freedoms we all enjoy. We must also remember with gratitude how we owe the safety and protection of our everyday lives to veterans. We are the United States of America because of them.

Archer Glen Basuel
We remember World War II veterans because they fought for our freedoms. We would not have the freedoms we have today if not for their selfless service. These veterans risked their lives whether we realized it or appreciated it. Many individual acts of heroism happened during the war but, unfortunately, only a few are ever recorded and receive official recognition. When we remember all the veterans, we recognize their selfless service, their willingness to endure hardships and face their fears for us to enjoy our freedom and live in peace.

Janet Clemente
Without our veterans, our world would be a different place. Their sacrifices for our freedom make our everyday liberties a possibility.

Princess Cortez
We celebrate veterans for their courage and to remember those who paid the ultimate price of freedom with their lives. There are a remaining few veterans, now in their golden years, who are still able to tell their stories of heroism. Our veterans should be honored not just only on Veteran’s Day or Memorial Day, but whenever an opportune moment arises. We as a nation are indebted to our veterans. Taking time to honor them is not only the right thing to do but it also keeps alive the memory of the many heroic deeds and sacrifices they have made for us. 

George E. Schabbehar
World War II veterans are the heroes who fought and defeated the Axis powers. Their efforts to keep the world free spanned the entire globe. Without them, the United States of America would not be the great nation it is today. For that, these great Americans should be celebrated and shown our appreciation each and every day.

Wilfredo Tungol
We commemorate World War II Filipino veterans because of the significant sacrifices and contributions that those men (and some women) made to defend freedom and democracy during the war against Japan. The Philippines was a commonwealth at that time and identified with the United States’ fight to preserve democracy and liberty in the region. Filipino soldiers and recognized guerilla units who fought in the Philippines were not only defending or fighting for the Philippines but also defending a sovereign territory held by the United States.

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