CHRONICLE PULSE: What Makes You Happy – Love, Money or Good Health?

Almost one year since the world went on lockdown due to the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s difficult to reflect on the life we all had in 2020. Money is tight due to businesses closing down and people losing their jobs. Maintaining a good health is a costly and difficult priority when the threat of COVID-19 is everywhere. It’s hard to love and find happiness in a life full of uncertainties that is 2020. But for this issue’s Chronicle Pulse, we asked our readers to share what makes them happy despite the challenges the year 2020 has brought.

Rose Estioko RaSay

“What makes me happy is good health. When you take care of yourself, you are able to care for others physically, emotionally and financially. Having good health for me means I am able to live life with an open mind and an open heart because there is so much to look forward to even during a pandemic.”

Paul Ventura Estioko

Good health is the true barometer of happiness. Since happiness is truly subjective, something more tangible and objective such as the health factor of a person can be seen as the physical manifestation of health itself. It’s hard to find someone who is genuinely happy with a grocery list of complications and comorbidities; therefore, good health is what I personally strive for to be happy and is something I make sure my loved ones do as well.”

Mary Ann Galolo


“Love! When I feel loved, my health is good and when my health is good, I am able to work and earn money.”

Dr. Celia Lamkin

“Good health makes me happy. I chose to become a medical doctor to help people achieve good health. Helping people to reach this goal makes me happy. Happiness is a choice. Happiness and good health go hand-in-hand, and scientific studies have shown that happiness can lead to healthy lifestyle, healthier heart, stronger immune system and ultimately, a longer life.”

Renelaine Pfister


“As a health care worker, I’m aware of the importance of good health. However, as a human being I believe we derive happiness from love.”

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