Dream Again

by Seneca Moraleda-Puguan

At the start of every year, instead of New Year’s Resolution, our family would list down our faith goals or the things we’re believing for different aspects of our lives that particular year – personal, family, career, health, ministry, etc. In 2020, we had a lot of plans and goals listed but many did not come to pass because of the global pandemic.

Nevertheless, we still had a lot of things to be grateful for.

This 2021, we started the new year remembering God’s grace and faithfulness to us in the past year and laying down our hopes and goals for the year ahead of us. It was quite challenging because of the many questions in our heads caused by the tragic events of the year that was.

Can we believe for great things this year? Can we dream again?

We realized that we need not look at our circumstances nor our own abilities as we embark on this new season of our lives and look forward to the future. We were reminded to fix our eyes once again to the Author and Perfecter of our faith, the Lover of our souls, and the only One certain in the midst of all uncertainties. As we began to do so, we were able to write down our goals with confidence. We started to dream again.

We cannot comprehend what lies ahead, we don’t even have any idea when this pandemic will end. When will we see our families and friends face to face again? When can we breathe freely when we go outside? When can we step on the airport or freely travel again? So many questions with unclear answers.

But we don’t need to have all the answers, we just needed these truths to hold onto to bravely and confidently face the future that is seemingly dark but yet full of hope.

God is unchanging. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. In a world full of change and uncertainty, He remains unshaken, reliable and constant. Because He doesn’t change, he can be trusted with our lives and with our future. If our lives are anchored in Him, we have a firm foundation.

God is sovereign. He is in control, even if our circumstances don’t make sense. His purposes will prevail therefore we can have hope.

God is kind and good. All the time. In the midst of our troubled times, His goodness cannot be discounted. His mercies are always new. His grace always sufficient. He showers us with His loving kindness, though we are underserving, unfaithful and full of fear and doubts toward Him. He overflows with kindness. Indeed, all the time He is good.

Maybe you’re reading this and you’re afraid to dream and believe again because 2020 had taken so much from you. It stole your hope and shattered your dreams. It is my prayer that you take a small step of faith by getting a piece of paper and begin to write down your goals and hopes for this year.

Dream again. Believe again. Pray again. As you do so, let the unchanging, sovereign, good and kind God breathe hope into your life, assure you of the great promises that He has for you, and remind you that He holds your world in His hands. You see, He restores broken dreams. He makes all things new.

May the lyrics of this song by Seth and Rachel Enos encourage you to Dream Again.

“Hope in Me. Let My soul speak the peace you need. For I will never leave you, I will always lead you. Step with Me from where we walk, the deserts bloom with life and a future where purpose is defined. So dream again, dream again, dream again…”

2020 was a grace-filled year for us but this 2021, I am in faith will surely be an awesome one! Go ahead, dream again!

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