Our Hopes, Dreams and Prayers for 2022

by Seneca Moraleda-Puguan

Every start of the year, my husband and I would write down our faith goals and dreams for the new year and entrust them to God as we fast and pray together with our global spiritual family.

The past year had been a very challenging season for many of us. Numerous dreams have been broken. Countless plans didn’t push through. Some prayers seemed unanswered. Millions of hopes have been shattered. But despite all these, we acknowledge that God is good and faithful.

So, we continue to dream, to hope, to pray and to believe.

For 2022, aside from praying for the pandemic to end, we are believing as a family for wisdom and clear direction as to where God will bring us next.

We are also claiming for healing and protection upon our loved ones, and declaring overflowing provision and blessings so we can be a blessing to many. We pray that God will bless the works of our hands and honor the desires of our hearts as we abide and acknowledge Him in all our ways.

And many are hopeful like us. Many still continue to dream big dreams and believe that 2022 will be a greater and better year.

Let me share with you the hopes, dreams and prayers of some of my friends.

Lilette Luna, a mother and doctor in a resource-limited province in the Philippines
I would say that my biggest hope for 2022 is for the pandemic to be over soon, and we could all go back to the things were before this. But since that’s not realistically possible, I would go for the next best things that I know.

As a mother during a pandemic, I hope and pray that mothers like me would learn to recognize the opportunities, or even create them, to optimize my child’s development, especially in things that cannot be taught in school: his social, emotional, relational, spiritual, and personal growth.

As a healthcare worker, I hope that this year, there will be greater appreciation for us frontliners. I hope for tangible change such as legislative innovations to improve our work environment, compensation, working hours and to protect our physical and mental health as well as our rights as human beings and workers.

As a mother and a frontliner, my only prayer is that my own child will be safe, healthy and thriving as I help other parents keep their children safe, healthy and secure.

Chique Esguerra, homeschooling mother and entrepreneur
My prayer for 2022 is for God to help me instill order in our schedule and routines. I hope for unlimited creativity to engage my kids and make learning for fun for them. As an entrepreneur, I’m believing in God for more creative ideas and open doors for good suppliers of raw materials and services. I hope to hone my skills from sewing to driving, to sourcing/handling manpower and of course, God’s guidance and abundant provision to reestablish at least who businesses this year.

Noel Revilleza, pastor and a father of two and a two-time COVID survivor
My main prayer and hope for 2022 are for my family to be in excellent health. As much as we want excellence in our spiritual and emotional health, we want our family to be always healthy so we can serve one another and advance God’s kingdom together. I know God will continue to provide for us and my confidence belongs to Him. We are praying that God will give us our own house and lot this year. We’ve been praying for it since my wife and I got married and we are in faith we will receive that promise very soon. Thank you, God, for everything! Thank you, Jesus, for always being there for us.

Glen Kitong, father and factory worker in South Korea

As a father and an Overseas Filipino Worker, my hope for 2022 is for the pandemic to be controlled and stabilized. This have affected every aspect of our lives including the economy, jobs, businesses and the education of our children. My dream for 2022 is to be able to go to Canada. Despite South Korea being the best for OFWs to earn and save money, the chances of permanent residency is very slim. Canada promises a bigger dream not only for me but for my whole family. My prayer is for the continuous protection of my family and loved ones against COVID-19, and from any form of harm or danger. I also hoep to be able to have a smooth transition from South Korea to Canada.

Ferdie Javier, campus missionary and his family survived but lost their home due to the recent Typhoon Odette
It’s my hope for my family to be together and for my parents to have their own business. I pray for provision upon my sibling looking for a job and excellence for my other sibling currently in grade school. I hope very soon our house will be built again and this new year brings more opportunities and sources of income for my family. I’m hoping too that the local government in our province will have a better response to the needs of those badly affected by the typhoon. I also pray that eventually, the world will be COVID-free. Despite everything that’s happening, I have high hopes for this year.

Stephanie Sodeke, an expat, campus missionary and model in South Korea
I hope to pay off my credit card debt. Once it’s paid off, I can use the extra finances for savings or being a blessing to others. I hope to meet my future husband. I also dream of using my platform of modeling and acting to influence young people towards the hope of Jesus Christ.

Excellent health for the whole family, freedom from debt, overflowing provision, acquisition of a house and building of a broken one, smooth transition to a new season, open doors and opportunities, legislative reform in the healthcare system – these are just some of the million things all of us are hoping and praying for this 2022.

Despite the many questions we have, the trials we experience and the uncertainties we face, we have a God who is good, faithful and true. He is sovereign and powerful. With Him, nothing is impossible. He will carry us through, and He will give us our breakthroughs.

How about you? What are your hopes, dreams and prayers for 2022?

Be in faith! The answers and breakthroughs might take time, but they will all come to pass.

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