Mompreneur: Managing a business during the pandemic

by Seneca Moraleda-Puguan

“Hi, Seneca! I want to invite you to a zoom presentation and share with you a wonderful business opportunity.”

In the past months, I have received many messages from different people inviting me to learn about online business opportunities.

Unlike many who are already allergic to the concept of network marketing and multilevel marketing, I am open to opportunities that come my way. As a housewife and a mother, I am always on the lookout for ways to help my husband bring in provisions for our household.

My husband’s job as a scientist and research professor sustains our family well but just enough to carry us from month to month. To be able to invest in other things like insurance and property, and be able to bless others, an extra source of income is definitely needed.

At the moment, I wear a lot of hats. Aside from being a wife, mother, teacher to my homeschooling 5-year-old, playmate of my 2-year-old, house manager, writer, missionary, I added the role of being an entrepreneur.

I remember growing up writing ‘businesswoman’ as the answer to the ‘what do you want to be when you grow up’ question in a slam book or autograph book that was pretty popular among students when I was young.

Even before the pandemic happened, I already sold many of our used stuff at home like my children’s toys and clothes, my bags and clothes. But the pandemic expanded my inventory and honed my entrepreneurial skills.

I buy used authentic luxury bags from Korean locals and sell them to the US via Facebook marketplace. I joined an international health and wellness company that uses dropshipping and network marketing strategies to compensate their associates.

My every day is filled with cleaning the house, playing with and reading books for my children, taking pictures of stuff and packing them in boxes, and zoom meetings here and there. It can be tiring but by God’s grace, I am enjoying it, especially when we see the fruits of our labor, being able to pay for our monthly dues.

I am just one of the many mothers and women in the world who are working hard and taking on many hats to be able to support their husbands and provide for their families.

I have met many single moms, working moms, full-time moms, single women who are rising up, expanding their territories, getting out of their comfort zones to prove that women can do anything. I have a lot of mommy friends who are finding ways to cater the needs of the people around them.

One very close friend of mine was able to create a solution that serves as a safe, less corrosive disinfectant and sanitizer and sells it in gallons. Another mommy friend resells manipulatives and materials for homeschooling families. A churchmate sews beautiful dresses for kids and taps local craftsmen to create nice leather shoes for little girls. These are just a few.

Most mommies, if not all, in my circle, are ‘supermoms’ juggling different roles and pursuing opportunities that will improve the present condition of their families.

The pandemic may have shaken humanity in many ways, but it did push us to find ways to adapt to the changing environment and deal with the uncertainty we are faced with. It has opened many opportunities that have only been discovered because of this health crisis.

This season has exposed facets of society and industries that can withstand pandemics and the changing landscape of the global market.

Surely, the move to an online platform has taken over the world. And it has produced flourishing ‘mompreneurs’ that are impacting the world and helping lives change. I am proud to be one.

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