CHRONICLE PULSE: How Do You Describe Working as an Employee at the Primary Care Clinic of Hawaii?

Medical Assistant, 32 years with PCCH Waipahu
“I would not have stayed for 32 years if it wasn’t for the great support I have received for my work. Thank you, Dr. Sonido!”

Clinic Manager, Five years with PCCH Lihue
“I feel privileged and honored to work for Dr. Sonido. He treats his staff as his own family. He allows his staff to grow and develop.”

Medical Scribe, One year with PCCH
“Having the privilege to work alongside Dr. Sonido has not only served as an invaluable clinical learning experience but an inspiring approach to providing medicine in a complicated patient population setting. While his mentorship has guided my progression in medicine, his friendship has truly cultivated the passion for moving forward in life.”

Patient Service Representative, One month with PCCH
“I enjoy working with my coworkers and doctors and getting to know them better. I also love interacting with the patients and extending help to them with the best of my ability.”

Physician, Four years with PCCH Kalihi and Lihue
“It’s been a great four years of practice. Hoping for 40 more.”

Medical Assistant II, Six years with PCCH Waipahu
“I’m fortunate to work with amazing doctors and staff. I’ve learned a lot, gained many experiences and built friendships with coworkers and patients. The clinic values its employees and truly believes in their mission, which is very impactful.”

Management Trainee, Two years with PCCH
“Working in PCCH is such a positive experience. It has given me the drive to work diligently and assertively alongside such dedicated doctors and staff members.”

Patient Service Representative, Four years with PCCH Lihue
“Dr. Sonido is a rigorous doctor to his patients and employees. With a hectic schedule at the Lihue Clinic, he wants all things done fast but efficiently. Working with PCCH is an enriching experience. I got to meet different people and the kupunas dear to us. We always try our very best despite the language barrier. I also give credit to Ms. Amy and my co-workers for their hard work making sure our clinic runs smoothly and our Doctors who are very patient with us.”

Patient Service Representative, One year with PCCH Lihue
“Doctor Sonido is a wonderful doctor and always makes patients feel safe. Hardworking and supportive during difficult times. Dr. Sonido’s humility, kindness and strength are greatly loved and appreciated.”

Physical Therapist, Two years with PCCH Kalihi
“Community involvement, such as giving back to the less fortunate people through free medical missions, is a significant part of PCCH company values. Working with a company that values the community as much as I do inspires me to come to work each day knowing that I’m in an environment that focuses on compassion, mutual respect and excellent medical practice.”

Medical Scribe, One year with PCCH
“Mark Twain once said, “Find a job you enjoy, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” I began as a trainee under Dr. Sonido and was then given the opportunity to be part of his growing practice. I have since enjoyed every minute of it.”

Physician, Four years with PCCH Waipahu
“Working in the clinic, the camaraderie with fellow staff is wonderful and heartfelt. We’re a hectic practice, but we always strive to give our patients nothing but the best by being competent, compassionate, and culturally-sensitive. I look forward to continuing to work with the clinic serving our parents and the rest of the Filipino community.”

Medical Assistant II, Three years with PCCH Waipahu
“From taking patients (both walk-ins and telemedicine) to answering phone calls and referring patients, our clinic is very reliable and organized. We have friendly staff, intelligent and approachable doctors. These are just a few reasons why I love the clinic.”

Patient Service Representative, Two years with PCCH Kalihi
“There is no reason not to love my job. The transition has been a smooth ride with both familiar and new employees with our new boss and physicians who are all accommodating, friendly, intelligent and compassionate. We have many of our old patients who come back in addition to a lot of new ones. I’m inspired and like our conducive work environment.”

Physician, Five years with PCCH Lihue
“Easy to work with and work for. Generous with his time and expertise, Dr. Sonido is a great and involved teacher. Everyone in the office works daily to keep his high goal and standards for patient care.”


Medical Assistant I, One month with PCCH
“I enjoy working with the staff; we all work together to provide a good experience for the patients.”

Medical Assistant I, One month with PCCH
“It is a joy to work with compassionate doctors and dedicated, hard-working staff. There’s no doubt that Dr. Badua’s patients are now in good hands.”

Registered Nurse, 37 years (intermittent) with PCCH Waipahu
“I was the first assistant when my brother started his practice in 1983. I came back two years after retiring as a State Nurse at Maluhia Hospital to help him continue his noble work. PCCH is a wonderful place to work at.”

Office Assistant, 27 years with PCCH
“Very proud to be a part of PCCH. It brings out the best in you!”

Management Trainee, Two years with PCCH Kalihi
“Every day is a day for growth and learning. I learn more about medicine, business, people and myself. Working here has been very rewarding in that sense.”


Patient Service Representative, Four years with PCCH Lihue
“We work with each other as a team. Every time he visits Kauai, Dr. Sonido discusses the challenges and good news about our work. He gives us news about the company, its incentives and bonuses. Our patients, especially the Filipino patients, love Dr. Sonido because they say he’s the best.”

Medical Assistant I, Two years with PCCH Kalihi
“Working in a medical office that values compassion and great service to the community makes you want to get up every morning with determination and a feeling of satisfaction at the end of the day. The most rewarding thing about PCCH is that they give you space to grow and learn something new every day. Working with peace and harmony with the people around you is a bonus!”

Medical Assistant I, Two years with PCCH Kalihi
“I’m happy to be working with PCCH. It’s a fulfillment of my dream. I learned a lot of things from this clinic. I’m still looking forward to learning more. I’m so thankful to Dr. Charlie Sonido for allowing me to be a part of this fast-growing company.

Physician, Four years with PCCH Lihue
“I’ve been impressed by how he has combined entrepreneurial success with selflessness. In 2015, he sold his practice with thoughts of retirement. Instead of just leaving the medical life behind, he kept up with how the clinic and patients were doing. He went as far as to come out of retirement, buy the clinic back and start practicing again to ensure his patients would continue to receive the level of care he wanted them to get. This is the mark of a man who puts the wellbeing of others over their own, and his selflessness is one of the many reasons why I’m proud to work with him and be a part of this extended work family.”

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